The Energy Nexus Network (TENN) is a regional knowledge and facilitation hub for scaling decentralized renewable energy solutions using sustainable energy (SDG7) as a critical catalyst/entry point to improve development outcomes. TENN acts as an anchor and implementation mechanism to improve sustainable development outcomes on SDG7 using Decentralised Renewable Energy (DRE) as a critical entry point and catalyst for sustainable development. TENN works with local and international partners to accelerate scaling and replication of interventions and solutions on energy access for livelihoods and healthcare. The mission of TENN is to build resilient ecosystems around DRE, especially in remote rural areas and peri-urban communities that are off-grid. TENN provides strategic advisory support services at the highest governance and management level and facilitates high-level multi-stakeholder engagements and discussions on sustainable energy solutions at the nexus with crucial energy-enabling sustainable development themes such as healthcare, agriculture, education, livelihoods, water, environment, and climate change.


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Our Mission is BREAD for Lives and Livelihoods- Building resilient ecosystems around decentralized renewable energy.


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Universal access to renewable energy sources where technology and processes are affordable, sustaintable and replicable at scale.

Why Choose Us?

Financial Access

Financial access to ensure affordability and investments in long term energy assets and not short term consumptive

Capacity building

Human Resources to articulate and solve local problems, deliver solutions and ensure design, implementation,
maintenance and performance of energy


Need assessments to design and match appropriate and efficient technical, financial and ownership model.


Policy to support practitioners, and develop responses to ground realities and allow for strong end user feedback loops.


Local entities(non-profit organizations, enterprises, last mile integrators) who innovate and customise the delivery of solutions based on end user needs.


Backward & Foward linkages

Need-based social linkages, content development, market linkages, etc.

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We are served since June 2020 to helpless people with trust and we are happy

Our Activity

What We Do

Health Innovation
Strengthen Healthcare delivery in last-mile communities in Sierra Leone with decentralized renewable energy and efficient technologies.  
Business Incubation

Develop innovative DRE solutions to improve lives and livelihoods.


Energy for Cooking (E4C)

Improve access to clean cooking technology solutions and fuel and save lives. 


Livelihood Innovation

Foster innovative solutions that enhance the increase of revenue generation and diversification of revenue streams through decentralized renewable energy for better lives and livelihoods.

Our Team Success

Meet OurTeam

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