Our Activity

Scope of work

The scope of work is to implement need-based DRE + livelihood/ health innovations in Sierra Leone. The solutions implemented provide key insights into the local ecosystem’s strengths and opportunities (primarily in technology and finance) and serve as strong replicable demonstrations for gauging demand and showcasing impacts to key stakeholders. It helps to catalyse the delivery of last-mile energy solutions to improve the quality of life and livelihoods in Sierra Leone’s underserved communities. Sectors include agriculture value chain, blue economy, micro businesses, healthcare, etc.

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Health Innovation Programme

The responsibilities of TENN as a strategic supporting and anchor mechanism for powering healthcare in Sierra Leone.


Business Incubation Programme

TENN supports local innovative social entrepreneurs (i.e., clean energy enterprises and developers of clean energy solutions) in Sierra Leone to enable economic growth in an inclusive and sustainable manner.

Energy for Cooking (E4C) Programme

The E4C Programme at TENN is designed primarily to respond to the energy for cooking needs in Sierra Leone, through partnerships with both local and international actors to strengthen the energy for cooking ecosystem and accelerate scaling and replication of cooking solutions on clean fuel and technology

Livelihood Innovation

The specific objective for the Livelihood Innovation Program (LIP) is to implement decentralized renewable energy-based solutions in the rice and fisheries value chain to support micro businesses, especially for women and youth.

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